Maine Golf Center – Freeport is CLOSED for the season. Mother Nature decide to put a wrap on our season with over 3″ of rain and now cold temps. As a result, we have decided to close the course down for the year. Thank you all for a great first season!


In an effort to maintain the progress we have made on course conditions, we ask that people stay off the course until the spring.

Due to the heavy rains and extremely wet golf course, MGC-Freeport will be closed Saturday, 11/12.

Frost delay until 10 AM today.

Unfortunately the course is still extremely wet. This means no carts again today, 10/31. Hopefully some sunny weather will help with the sogginess and we can get carts back out there in the near future.

The course at MGC-Freeport will be closed on Sunday, 10/30 until 1:30. We will be hosting an event that will be utilizing the course for the morning. The range will still be open!

Again, the course is too wet for carts.

Due to extreme wetness on the course, no carts will be allowed out on 10/27. We will evaluate again tomorrow morning, but carts will most likely be unavailable for 10/28 as well.

The driving range at MGC-Freeport will close for the season at the end of the day on Sunday, 10/30.

MGC-Freeport will be closed for the day, 10/26. See you tomorrow!

No carts will be let out on the course again today.